The North Bailey Fire Company would like to thank everyone traveling through the North Bailey Fire District on Friday November 23rd , Black Friday and donating to our annual boot drive to purchase new equipment. It was a success and we thank you. THANK YOU !!!

Annual Boot Drive

North Bailey Responded to lawnmower fire on trailer, fire was extinguish with limited damaged to truck and trailer  

Commercial Lawnmower fire

North Bailey Firefighters practice ladder skills on Old Menne Nursery site, thanks to Menne Nursey and the Ellicott Creek Fire Company  

Drill – Ladder Operations

North Bailey responded to a report of smoke in the building, which ended up being a small mulch fire had started, and with high winds, forced it into the building causing minor damage to structure.

Minor Fire at Taco Bell

The weather held out for a successful open house.  Kids and family had fun with fire truck rides, equipment demonstrations, and a live demo showing firefighters rescuing a victim from a car.

Open House

North Bailey Fire Company responded to crash on I-290 that sent 2 persons to hospital on July 11th at 1 in the afternoon

Youngmann Hwy Crash

Quick work of the North Bailey Firefighters prevented serious damage to 6010 N Bailey Ave. What started out as a mulch fire, because of high winds started the bushes on fire and the heat from fire cause the window to break forcing smoke into the building causing a lot of […]

Brush Fire causes heavy exposure damage